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Bullet Alternative 017

Block and Bars

Block and Bars example of possible use

This series contains frameworks that will easily establish a one-to-many concept: the main idea is represented by the vertically oriented block, and the subordinate objects are contained within the horizontally oriented bars. The frameworks can be used to set up individual concepts or visually convey topics for discussion/presentation structure.

Short text strings/sentence fragments work best with this series. The gradient that has been set on each of the bars provides an open-end so that text can expand to the farthest right part of the slide. The gradient is a combination of semitransparency and full transparency so that the frameworks can be used with all slide backgrounds.

Be sure to review the tutorial and download the animated example to fully understand the capabilities/formatting issues for this series. By the way, instructions for developing this framework was provided in the August 2007 blog. It is now being developed and offered as a series at the request of subscribers.


Tutorial for Objects and Overlays – Blocks, Question Marks, and Qs

Keywords: one to many, bullet alternative, subordinate objects, structure

Categories: Bullet Alternatives, Flows - Horizontal

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