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Arc example of possible use

This is a nice, simple way to present a list. The arc is designed to snug up against the edge of the slide. The downloads are set up to work with the right side of the slide because the left side very likely has a template's design elements. Just group the arc and flip it horizontally if you wish to use it on the left side of the slide (like the series example).

The series example also shows a photograph within the arc. This is very easy to accomplish. The tutorial will provide explanations about how to get your photograph into a circle format and then crop it so the unused portion doesn't hang over the edge of the slide.

There are three different variations: circles, stars and squares. If you wish to place your own icons in the positions of these objects, just use them as a placement guide and then delete them.

There are a couple of things to keep in mind when placing your text next to the circle/star/square. The objects are evenly space around the arc; but, because of the objects go around the arc, the text will not be evenly vertically spaced. We tried it both ways: evenly spacing the text vertically or evenly spacing the objects around the arc. It looks much better to have the objects evenly space around the arc instead of the text evenly vertically spaced. So you will notice a little spacing issue, but you can nudge your text to make it appear less obvious. Also, be sure to anchor your text field to the middle, so that when you add text to the field it will build from the middle and stay aligned on the object on the arc.

Review the tutorial for more usage and formatting techniques.


Tutorial for Arc

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