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Bullet Alternative 036

Ribbon Comparisons

Ribbon Comparisons example of possible use

These ribbons can be used in groups to show "from/to" concepts or comparisons. Notice that the ends of the "ribbons" have diagonal edges instead of vertical edges, making the whole ribbon graphic look more like a real ribbon. Fill colors in the downloads suggest shading and the line colors help define the edges of these ribbon.

There are two types of these ribbons: those that flow up and those that flow down. The ribbons that flow up suggest an enhancement or elevation in use/function. Those that flow down may suggest a lessening or reduction in functionality.

The tutorial will give you guidance on how to put text in these fields and use the colors in your company's color palette to make these graphics blend perfectly with the rest of your presentation.


Tutorial for Bullet Alternatives – Ribbons

Keywords: ribbon flow, ribbon graphic, comparison graphic, comparison chart, to and from slides, to and from graphics

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