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Circular Flow 023

Oval Flow

Oval Flow example of possible use

Circular flows are generally used to depict the steps in virtuous and vicious cycles. These are processes that begin and end back at the beginning again, creating a continuous cycle. Use this framework to show a progression that feeds back into itself and begins again. The oval shape allows for a better use of the slide area when the circular flow is the only thing on the slide. It's also a better choice than a round circular flow if you need extra space inside the flow for photographs, text, a chart, or other graphic image.

This series has no wings and cf024 has wings. Other than that, there is no difference between the two series


Tutorial for Virtuous and Vicious Cycles

Keywords: circular flow, donut, flow, virtuous, vicious, segments, steps, circle, transform, evolve, progress, cycle

Categories: Flows, Flows - Circular

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