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Circular Flow 027

Expanded Basic

Circular Flow 027 – Expanded Basic example of possible use

This series expands the cf003 series to 24 segments. They can be used interchangeably as in the series example. Note also in the series example that the segments are used to show value. The top two are half the flow and the bottom half containing many segments are half the flow. By combining flow segments from cf003 and this series, you can illustrate your message without a data-driven pie chart, which would have dummy data in it anyway.

Now that there are 24 segments, this opens up another use: hours of the day. the hours of a day can be plotted and color coded to match scheduled activities.

The segments in this series get small, so they won't contain a lot of text – just labels, and short labels at that.

Key search words: circular flow, vicious cycle, virtuous cycle, donut, flow, segments, steps, circle, transform, evolve, progress, cycle

TUTORIAL: Tutorial for Circular Flows 027 and 028 – Expanded Basic

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