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CF037 – Circular Flow 037 – Inner Band


This addition to the circular flow category brings a new type of versatility to all of the circular flow series.

  1. A segment in this series can replace a segment in other circular flows without wings.
  2. The segments within this series can be swapped out to create customized circular flows. The series example is a combination of the 2-, 4-, and 6-segment circular flow frameworks.

The combinations that you'll be able to create are unusual as well as functional. With the enhanced formatting capabilities in PowerPoint 2007, you'll be able to create some very nice signature graphics within minutes.

This series is similar to the CF021 series, except the segments are banded on the inside. The inner band has less space for text, but is closer to text that may be placed inside the circle. Therefore, if the segments are numbered, an inner band might be a better choice to hold the numbers than a band on the outside of the cycle.

The frameworks can be used as is or segments from different frameworks within this series can be used to create a whole, as shown in the series example.

Be sure to review the tutorial for formatting and animation tips.

Key search words: cycle, vicious, virtuous, steps, recurring, segmented circular flow, banded circular flow, circular flow headings

TUTORIAL: Tutorial for Circular Flows 021, 022, 037 and 038 – Banded

Frameworks available in this series

Click on a thumbnail to see a larger image of that framework.

CF037 – cf037_0100

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CF037 – cf037_0200

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CF037 – cf037_0300

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CF037 – cf037_0400

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CF037 – cf037_0500

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CF037 – cf037_0600

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CF037 – cf037_0700

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CF037 – cf037_0800

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CF037 – cf037_0900

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CF037 – cf037_1000

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CF037 – cf037_1100

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CF037 – cf037_1200

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