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Circular Flow 051

Parallel Processes

Parallel Processes example of possible use

There are two variations that can be used to illustrate parallel or tandem process or flows, dual work flows, process or flow intersections and/or integration. The two variations are:

  • v1 – two separate flows to be used as semitransparencies that overlap. The circular flow on the left flow outward to the left and the circular flow on the right flows outward to the right. The overlap, which creates an intersection, is in the middle. These frameworks are not just two circular flows that have been mirrored and used together. Notice that the intersection in the middle has a differently shaped departure point than the other flow segments. This vividly communicates that a union if the two individual circular flows has taken place.
  • v2 –two separate flows to be used as solid colors. The intersection point is a field separate from the two flows and can be colored independent from the two flows. The series example shows how to use this version. Notice that the intersection field is different for the 6-segment flow (also illustrated in the series example).

Notice also that the series example uses two flows with different numbers of segments. You can combine two frameworks to tell a very specific story.

This series is just like CF052, but it doesn't have wings. If you want a circular flow with arrowheads (wings), then download frameworks from CF052.


Tutorial for Parallel Processes

Keywords: parallel process, parallel flow, tandem processes, dual work flows, work flow intersection, process integration, flow integration

Categories: Flows - Circular

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