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Concept 002

Walls and Slide

Concept 002 – Walls and Slide example of possible use

Artist-drawn graphics that are developed as pieces of a whole are better suited to illustrate concepts because they can be animated as builds, show a lacking piece of the whole, or various other themes.

These artist-drawn elements provide two types of barriers and individual ladder and slide elements to demonstrate a way over the barrier instead of eliminating it. v1 contains the editable versions of these drawings and v2 are the uneditable versions – each has its own type of use. Download the animated example for an idea of how to color the graphic as well as how to animate it.

The PowerPoint download is 1.2 MG, so it may take a couple of minutes to download.

Key search words: walls, barrier, overcome, overcoming, creative workaround, slide, climb, over, around

TUTORIAL: Tutorial for Concepts 002 – Walls and Slide

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