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Concept 005


Newspaper example of possible use

Use this framework to populate a "newspaper" with your own message. This is a difficult concept to convey correctly. We have seen many attempts at doing this, all with less than optimal results. Well, how you have a great way to blast your message from the front page in your presentation.

All of the newspaper elements are in a PowerPoint download. The elements consist of the blank newspaper, names of newspapers, date lines, 1-through 4-column headlines, 1- through 4-column text strings, 1-through 3-column faded photos, and 1- through 4-column photo credits.

You can simply choose the newspaper elements you wish to use and discard the rest. The elements provided are "filler" and for your use to balance out the page if your content does not take up the full space. You can also create your own newspaper name, headlines, photos, etc., and place them on the blank newspaper graphic.

Refer to the tutorial for more information about formatting this set of frameworks.

The elements are PNGs and cannot be edited for color, only sized.

Key search words: newspaper, headline, news, article, press, publication


Tutorial for Conflict

Keywords: newspaper, headline, news, article, press, publication

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