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CN012 – Concept 012- Stylized Bridge/Gap


This stylized version of a gap and bridge can be used in many applications: 1) spanning the gap, with gap filled or not filled, incomplete spans, no spans; 2) adequate or inadequate pipeline to show delivery from one place to another; 3) gap signifying a challenge and the bridge overcomes the challenge/barrier.

This series is only offered in downloadable PowerPoint. Because of the precision that is required when slotting in the pieces if an animation scheme is used, we decided not to include the emf versions. The process of creating the emf files skews the sizing just slightly, but enough to make alignments an issue. Therefore, all of the alignments and page placements are done for you in the PowerPoint pages.

Be sure to review the tutorial before working with the stylized bridge segments.

Key search words: spanning the gap, pipeline, bridge, gap, barrier, ravine

TUTORIAL: Tutorial for Concepts 012 – Stylized Bridge/Gap

Frameworks available in this series

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CN012 – cn012.v1

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CN012 – cn012.v2

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CN012 – cn012.v3

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CN012 – cn012.v4

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CN012 – cn012.v5

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CN012 – cn012.v6

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CN012 – cn012.v7

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CN012 – cn012.v8

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CN012 – cn012.v9

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