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Concept 013

Large Artist-Drawn Bridge

Large Artist-Drawn Bridge example of possible use

This is the third bridge in the bridge set. The first two were offered in cn011 – the small rope bridge and the medium-sized bridge. This bridge is larger and implies a greater transfer capability.

This series contains an artist's renderings of a bridge and gaps. The reason this artwork is useful is because the gap, bridge, and sections of the bridge can be used together as reveals to tell a story in ways that clipart never can. They all fit and work perfectly together.

The series come in two file types, although both are downloadable within a PowerPoint document. One set is editable within PowerPoint, i.e., you can change the colors of the lines to match your template. The other format is a PNG image on the PowerPoint page. The PNG cannot be edited, but it has a nice sketchy look. For documents with a dark background, use the editable version. You'll need to apply a light color so the images can be seen against the background. To help you decide which framework to download, consider the following:

  • cn013_v01 and v02 are EMFs – the line and fill colors can be changed: v01 is colored realistically (blue water, brown banks, gray bridge) and v02 is colored using tone on tone
  • cn013_v03 and v04 are PNGs and not editable except in PowerPoint 2003. The picture recoloring capabilities allow different tints to be applied to the PNGs.

The concepts that the bridges can illustrate are:

  • Bridging the gap
  • Spans
  • Delivery efficiencies
  • Overcoming a barrier or obstacle
  • Now, with the addition of this series, a 3-bridge series can be used to illustrate the growth of a system (a metaphor for a product delivery system is illustrated in the series example).

The tutorial provides very useful information and tips about using these frameworks. Spend a couple of minutes reviewing the best practices for working with the bridges.

Key search words: spanning the gap, pipeline, bridge, gap, barrier, ravine

The background used in the example for this series is courtesy of ppted.com.
Visit http://www.ppted.com to view their library of backgrounds.


Tutorial for Horizon Hills

Keywords: spanning the gap, pipeline, bridge, gap, barrier, ravine

Categories: Concepts

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