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Concept 015

Horizon Perspective

Horizon Perspective example of possible use

This series provides frameworks to illustrate a foreground and a horizon using perspective. They can actually be used as an alternative to a timeline. You can place icons for products that are launching on the grids closer to the beginning (bottom of the page) advancing toward the horizon above (the launch). You can also illustrate goals or targets and list the items that must be accomplished before the goal can be met. Consider using these horizon frameworks both coming from the horizon and going toward the horizon – both are useful.

These frameworks are developed so there are individual paths – 1 through 8 paths. Each path is segmented and can be colored differently so that it can be vividly associated with a particular topic/object.

This type of chart isn't used very often, which makes it more impactful when it is used. See cn014 and cn099 other horizon charts.

You should download the animation example. If you're fairly competent at animations, it will be easy for you to advance the items on their paths and reduce their size at the same time to capitalize on the perspective element of the frameworks/concepts. Refer to the tutorial for information about formatting and using these series.


Tutorial for Game Board

Keywords: perspective, distance, paths, horizon, travel, advance

Categories: Timing, Concepts

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