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Concept 017


Chains example of possible use

This series contains links of chain and a variety of connectors that can help convey a multitude of concepts. There are the obvious: links that are labeled to show pieces of a whole, missing link, weak link, broken link. There are the not so obvious: a fix that is overkill or stronger than the original (the bolt), a fix that is temporary, inappropriate, ineffective (wire and string with knot), a fix that is aesthetically pleasing but unable to really do the job (ribbon). These frameworks are rich with possibilities. Also see series cn054 for a stylized chain.

The frameworks are provided in two formats: EMF (which are completely editable) and PNG (which are not editable). Be sure you download the correct format according to your need/intended use.

If you choose to work with the EMFs, each link can be colored individually. The links are designed so that they may be labeled. Animation can be used to fade an inappropriate fix in or out of a complete chain by overlaying the variations (group them first). Each download has a complete chain that can either be deleted or moved into position over or under the variation so that you can animate with fade ins and outs.

Be sure to check with the tutorial for more formatting helps. Also, download the animation example to see how you might animate your link concept.


Tutorial for Metamorphosis

Keywords: links, chain, weak link, missing link, strong, fix, fixes, correction, segments

Categories: Relationships, Segments, Concepts

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