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Concept 024


Keyhole example of possible use

This is one of those graphics that says a lot without text. The keyhole graphic is fully editable. In fact, there are many ways to format it, which makes it versatile and interesting. Before you begin using this graphic, take a look at the tutorial to understand the many ways you might approach formatting and layout. There are some tricks in the tutorial that will make the process go smoothly.

There are five versions of the graphic, but the tutorial will show you how to create even more of these graphics with different dimensions without distorting the size of the keyhole. No stretching or pulling the graphic to make it fit.

Additionally, there are several ways you might consider animating the keyhole to reveal what's "inside." Take a look at the animated example and the video for an idea of what you might want to do.

Consider this:  Ute Simon, Microsoft PowerPoint MVP, offers a suggestion for use.  Use the keyhole graphic to "peek at" or "spy on" a the activities in a video "behind the door."  This is now possible if you're using PowerPoint 2010.  Thank you, Ute, for the good suggestion.


Tutorial for Credits and Acknowledgments

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