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Concept 027

Jump Through Hoops

Jump Through Hoops example of possible use

The jump-through-hoops concept is common enough as a spoken analogy/metaphor, but it is rarely if ever illustrated on screen in presentations … until now. The hoops are split to allow something to "jump through" from the right, left, top, bottom, or diagonally – your choice. Animation makes this concept come alive. Be sure to download the animation scheme to see it in action. The animation scheme and field layering require slightly advanced formatting techniques. The tutorial will help you sort through the issues so that you can process your hoop slide more easily.

These hoops cannot be created and formatted in PowerPoint 2007, so it is an important addition to the PowerFrameworks library. The beveled semitransparent hoops/hoop segments are backed by a field that can accept color, so the hoops can take on your template's colors easily – it's a matter of working with layered fields.

This series is also the Animated Jump-Through-Hoops Technique Power Chart.

Key search words: hoops, obstacles, requirements, performance, steps to completion


Tutorial for Bubbles and Semitransparent Spheres

Keywords: hoops, obstacles, requirements, performance, steps to completion

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