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Concept 033

Monitor and Laptop Projections

Monitor and Laptop Projections example of possible use

The laptop screens and monitors and the cursor are great tools for creating click-through tutorials (the downloadable animated example for this series demonstrates a click-through sequence). They are also a stylish way to present screenshots on screen. There is little doubt that what you are presenting is a screenshot when the audience can see that it is being projected from a computer screen on the slide.

There are two different types of downloads:

  1. cn033_monitors.ppt and cn033_laptops.ppt are editable. You can change the fill and line colors for all of the fields.
  2. cn033_PNG_monitors.ppt, cn003_PNG_laptops.ppt, and cn033_PNG_laptops_v2 are pngs and the fill and line colors may not be changed. If you would rather not work with a graphic that is comprised of many fields and you are okay with the colors, then the PNGs are the way to go.

Notice that each download has a cursor/pointer included. Using the cursors will make the click-through tutorials more realistic. See the series animated example for a way to incorporate the cursor in the tutorial. It has all of the screenshots included, since they are not from third-party resources.

The tutorial is going to be particularly helpful as you lay out this slide, animate it, and draw the connecting field with the polygon tool. Be sure to check this out before you begin working with the downloads unless you have a clear idea of how to develop these slides. For PowerPoint 2007 users, there is a section in the tutorial to help you rotate the image on the small laptop and monitor screens. For pre-PowerPoint 2007 users, there is no real effective workaround – but there are some ideas about what to do in the tutorial.

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Tutorial for Decisions

Keywords: cursor, projection, laptop, monitor, project, onscreen, screenshot

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