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CN035 – Concept 035 – Connect/Disconnect


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The frameworks in this series, along with some animation, perhaps, will help you illustrate a number of concepts: synchronization, matching, disconnects/connects, imprecision/precision, alignment, and so on. The frameworks are available as wholes, halves, and thirds. These simple designs show the disconnects vividly, although you can also use cut photographs to display the same concepts (just use the same animation as shown in the flash/downloadable animation scheme).

These simple-to-use tools will not only help you show the disconnect, for example, but also the degree of disconnect. By placing the pieces far apart, you're conveying a very pronounced disconnect. A slight amount of shift will convey a nearly complete connection. These frameworks can be manipulated to help visually display a great deal of your spoken presentation.

Key search words: synchronization, matching, disconnects/connects, imprecision/precision, alignment, joining, creating a whole, skew, mismatch, aligned, unaligned

TUTORIAL: Tutorial for Concepts 035 – Connect/Disconnect

Frameworks available in this series

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CN035 – cn035_v01a

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CN035 – cn035_v01b

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CN035 – cn035_v01c

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CN035 – cn035_v02a

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CN035 – cn035_v02b

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