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Concept 039

Scraps of Paper

Scraps of Paper example of possible use

These little scraps of paper can be used to show an impromptu idea or thought. They can also be used for emphasis when combined with words like "buy this now!" and are animated to be paper clipped or tacked onto/over something that has just been presented.

These scraps of paper are different from those in series CN004, which are torn pages and not just little scraps of paper.

There are four basic shapes for the pieces of paper. They have been rotated and flipped in eight variations so that the shadows look correct and consistent. Remember this and download the different variations – don't just flip the PNGs.

Most of these pieces of paper are downloaded as PNGs because of the shadow. They can't be recolored or manipulated in any way in pre-PowerPoint 2007 versions. In PowerPoint 2007, they can be recolored.

V05 is an EMF version of the pieces of paper. They can be edited with fill and line colors as you choose, but they don't have the pretty shadow. If you'd like to bring a PNG in and place the colored EMF over it, you can have the color you wish and the shadow. Just size the EMF to match the PNG. Remember that you need to ungroup the EMF twice before it becomes available to apply color or any other formatting.

Also, the text on these little scraps of paper look best if they are in a handwriting font. You probably have a few that will work already on your computer. There are many others out there that you can purchase. There are a few websites that will even make a font out of your own handwriting. We have not used any of these services, so we don't make any recommendations about these resources. As with any online purchase, research it first.

If you are using PowerPoint 2007 already, just download the EMFs and apply the shadow directly in PowerPoint.

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Tutorial for Icebergs

Keywords: scraps of paper, slips of paper, pieces of paper, torn paper, scrap of paper, tear, rip, piece of paper

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