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CN049 – Concept 049 – Lighten Load


This series helps to illustrate the critical need for lightening the load during a crisis. There are two sets of contents that can be eliminated: necessary content and unnecessary content. Deciding what content to eliminate is the tricky part of this process. Each of these contents are a separate download.

Each of the downloads are in three formats: white with gray outline, colored lines and fills, and tone-on-tone lines and fills. Choose which you'd like to use and delete the rest.

Review the tutorial and download the animation example for ideas about how to format this series.

Key search words: lighten load, crisis, critical, noncritical, decision, choice, results

TUTORIAL: Tutorial for Concepts 049 – Lighten Load

Frameworks available in this series

Click on a thumbnail to see a larger image of that framework.

CN049 – cn049_necessary_content

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CN049 – cn049_plane

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CN049 – cn049_unnecessary_content

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