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Concept 058

Share of Wallet

Share of Wallet example of possible use

The wallets in this series were developed specifically to illustrate the share-of-wallet concept, but they can be used to tell other stories as well: payment made and received, reduction in disposable income, etc. The fat wallet and skinny wallet can also be used to help tell parts of the concept. Alternatively, the emphasis can be off the cash and on the credit cards. There are two credit cards in each pouch in the wallet that can be formatted to look like whatever credit card, identification card, or membership card you wish.

The wallet and currency are drawn in layers so the wallet can be empty or have the dollar bills appear to be within the wallet. It's all about layering, and that's why only PowerPoint downloads are offered for this series. The download has the back of the wallet layered to the back. The currency is just above the back of the wallet. This means that you can move the stack of currencies into the wallet easily.

This concept works well with animation. Download the example animation and see one possible way of using animation to underscore the message.

The download has both a realistically colored wallet and also a tone-on-tone version. Tone on tone works well if you want to minimize the presence of the wallet on the page or if you want to keep to your template's color scheme. Refer to the tutorial for more formatting tips.

See to012_v02 for a gauge that illustrates a share-of-wallet concept as well.

Key search words: share of wallet, expenses, income, fat wallet, skinny wallet, spending


Tutorial for Interactivity with One Object

Keywords: share of wallet, expenses, income, fat wallet, skinny wallet, spending

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