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CN062 – Concept 062 – Puppet/Marionette


The puppet concept can be applied to many situations: controls, breaking free from controls, bringing something to life, connecting an entity to a force, etc. All of these puppet downloads have controlling hands, but you don't need to use them. The strings can just go up to an implied puppet master. The strings can be labeled, the different parts of Stanley (the puppet) can be labeled, etc. There are two versions of these illustrations:

  • The EMFs are a PowerPoint download that contains the illustrations broken up into separate fields. These fields can be colored like clipart. Applying color can sync the illustration to your template (hues of your template colors, as in the example above) or you can make it look realistic (brown hair, blue eyes, etc., without regard to template color considerations).
  • The PNGs is a PowerPoint download that contains the illustrations in PNG format, which cannot be broken up or edited. They are available for use as a black and white illustration, which may work just fine for you. Using the PNG format means that you don't have to deal with many fields. If you are using PowerPoint 2007, however, you can recolor the PNGs using the picture recoloring option. The lines have been added as PowerPoint lines and can, therefore, be removed or edited.

All of the Stanley downloads have been sized so that they work perfectly together. This assures that the sizing is exact and ready for your use. Remember, as with all groups of illustrations or graphics, if you need to resize, resize them all together as a group. Then ungroup and redistribute to their proper place in the presentation.

Be sure to check the tutorial for formatting techniques. The animated download is not actually animated. There is no real way to bring the puppet to life.

Please be aware that the download files are a little larger than most PowerFrameworks downloads. It may take a few seconds longer, so don't be alarmed.

Key search words: control, pulling strings, bring to life, free from control

TUTORIAL: Tutorial for Concepts 062- Puppet/Marionette

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CN062 – cn062_EMF_v01

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CN062 – cn062_EMF_v02

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CN062 – cn062_EMF_v03

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CN062 – cn062_EMF_v04

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CN062 – cn062_EMF_v05

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CN062 – cn062_PNG

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CN062 – cn062_PNG_v01

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CN062 – cn062_PNG_v02

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CN062 – cn062_PNG_v04

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CN062 – cn062_PNG_v05

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