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CN065 – Concept 065 – Defender


0The Stanley the defender series can be used as an overall concept or the individual items can be used as icons or subconcepts. For example, the overall concept for the series example is security. Another overall concept might be defending a company's position in the marketplace. The different weapons can be icons for different offensive or defensive technologies, and the shields can represent protection. Further, the weapons can be broken into parts, and the shields can bear a company's logo or industry symbol. This series can go in many different directions.

Each download has four variations:

  1. A gray and white editable version
  2. A tone on tone version, which you can use as is or as a guide for how to apply your own color choices
  3. A PNG version that is not editable but has a sketchy, artist quality
  4. A colorized versions, which you can use as is or recolor hair, skin color, etc.

The weapons and shields are interchangeable.

Check the tutorial for more formatting tips. Stanley is not set up so that it is easily animated; therefore, animate as simple reveals.

Key search words: defend, triumphant, defeated, fight, prepared

TUTORIAL: Tutorial for Concepts 065 – Defender

Frameworks available in this series

Click on a thumbnail to see a larger image of that framework.

CN065 – cn065_distracted

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CN065 – cn065_prepared

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CN065 – cn065_shield_1

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CN065 – cn065_shield_2

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CN065 – cn065_shield_3

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CN065 – cn065_shield_4

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CN065 – cn065_triumphant

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CN065 – cn065_unprepared

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CN065 – cn065_weapon_1

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CN065 – cn065_weapon_2

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CN065 – cn065_weapon_3

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