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Concept 072


Islands example of possible use

These islands and bridges can help illustrate several concepts: network, resources, community, escaping danger, and more. There are PowerPoint downloads only, since there are so many fields. Each of the islands and bridges are grouped so you can deal with the objects instead of all of the fields that make the objects. You can color the fields without ungrouping, so you won't lose control of your objects.

The islands and bridges are all white fills (except where the fill would distort the field) and gray lines. You can use strategic coloring if you want an island or bridge to represent a brand or company: the island can take on the color of the logo or other branding. The cn072_0500_v02 download has been colored in case you want a jumping off place for coloring islands in realistic colors.

In addition to the downloads provided, you can take islands and bridges and create your own customized configurations – lots more possibilities!

Be sure to download the animation example for an idea of how you might add motion. Also, the tutorial has more formatting tips for this illustration.

Key search words: network, resources, community, escaping danger; connections, safe, isolation


Tutorial for Fence Sitting

Keywords: network, resources, community, escaping danger; connections, safe, isolation

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