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Concept 073

Fence Sitting

Concept 073 – Fence Sitting example of possible use

Stanley sits on a fence and also displays the different postures to illustrate phases or struggles of making a decision or setting a direction. Use these conceptual illustrations alone or with other graphics.

There are two downloads: one PNG download that is only editable/tintable in PowerPoint 2007 and one completely editable download that contains a set of tone-on-tone illustrations and realistically colored illustrations. The PNG file is rather large and make take a few moments longer to download than other PowerFrameworks files.

Note: two more Stanleys were added to this series that are not in the thumbnail. The downloads contain a Stanley sitting on the fence facing front and a Stanley sitting on the fence facing back.

Review the tutorial for usage ideas and also formatting tips.

Key search words: decision, procrastination, direction, ponder, decide, decision-making, inaction

TUTORIAL: Tutorial for Concepts 073 – Fence Sitting

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