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Concept 074


Scopes example of possible use

This series contains scopes, cross hairs, and targets; and they are very versatile. As you can see by the series example (actually three examples), they have many applications with both conceptual and data-driven charts. The series examples use the scopes as a design element, bullet alternative, and hand-placed targets on a data-driven chart.

Some of the frameworks are set up as scopes and cross hairs, which means they are transparent and you can look through them at a target object. Some are set up as targets, which are solid and you cannot see through them. Look at the different options carefully and select them according to your intended use.

Many of the scopes are one piece and can receive fill and line colors, which means that they can be formatted with many effects: gradients, semitransparency, etc. See the tutorial for more formatting ideas. Also, don't forget to take a look at the animation example.

Key search words: scopes, cross hairs, targets, taking a bead, sighting in, focus on


Tutorial for Weightlifter

Keywords: scopes, cross hairs, targets, taking a bead, sighting in, focus on

Categories: Bullet Alternatives, Concepts, Tools, Design Elements

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