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CN079 – Concept 079 – Weightlifter


Stanley as a weightlifter provides opportunities to illustrate tasks and efforts. The example focuses on Stanley's attitudes – whether he is successful, taxed, or unsuccessful and stressed. There are different heads that you can combine with the bodies to help you convey the correct attitude. These graphics can also focus on the weights: the weights can be labeled and represent specific tasks or responsibilities.

There is one download with all illustrations included: editable graphics colored as gray/white, tone on tone, and realistically colored; and uneditable png graphics colored as gray/white. You can decide which you want to use and discard the rest.

Refer to the tutorial for more information about usage and formatting.

Key search words: task, effort, success, failure, responsibility, responsibilities, assignments

TUTORIAL: Tutorial for Concepts 079 – Weightlifter

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CN079 – cn079_weightlifter

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