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Concept 080


Leverage example of possible use

The Stanley leverage series can be used to illustrate balance or leverage. Leverage is a common topic within businesses. Placing identifiers on each if the components of these illustrations can help bring a clear understanding of different leveraging concepts and opportunities.

  • There are four PNGs in one download, which are not editable. They do appear more hand drawn than the editable versions. If you want a "sketchy" artist drawing, the PNGs may suit your purposes.
  • There are nine graphics in the editable download. Each has been realistically colored and tone-on-tone colored. There is also a seesaw that can be animated to tip both ways.

Refer to the tutorial for tips on formatting and animation.

Key search words: balance, leverage, fulcrum


Tutorial for Climbing Ladder

Keywords: balance, leverage, fulcrum

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