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Concept 081

Stanley on Ladder

Concept 081 – Stanley on Ladder example of possible use

The ladder of success is a concept often used in business. It usually refers to an organization's internal workings. The ladder can also symbolize knowledge, achievement, striving, acceptance, recognition, etc.

There are two downloads: V01 contains the editable versions and V02 contains the noneditable versions. Both have been brought into PowerPoint and consistently sized so that you can use them as a set. The PowerPoint downloads contain all of the variations of Stanley on the ladder; just delete those you don't need. Further explanation of V01 and V02:

  • V01: these illustrations can be colorized – both fill and line. They can be colorized using tone on tone (as in the example) or you can apply realistic coloring to Stanley, giving him, for example, dark hair, a fair complexion, and a dark blue suit, etc. The choice is yours. Refer to the tutorial for ideas on how to color Stanley.
  • V02a and v02b: these are PNGs and are not eligible for fill and line color formatting. They are, however, eligible for formatting as a picture (if you're using PowerPoint 2007). You can recolor with preset tints or apply your own tint colors. One set of options brings in colored fills and the other set of options brings in colored lines. They work very nicely. Important: this download was large, so is broken into two downloads. It will take a little longer to download each of these than most PowerFrameworks downloads.

Refer to the tutorial for formatting options and also to the downloadable animation example for ways you might animate your slide.

Key search words: ladder of success, achievement, knowledge, achievement, striving, acceptance, recognition, obstacle, rise, elevate, climb

TUTORIAL: Tutorial for Concepts 081 – Climbing Ladder

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