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Concept 084

Lightning Bolt

Lightning Bolt example of possible use

The lightning bolt graphics in this series are meant to be used as a conceptual graphic instead of clipart. They can receive all types of formatting (see series example). There is only one download containing many lightning bolts. Choose those that meet your needs and delete the rest.

The lightning bolt can be used as a concept illustration for a flash of brilliance, charging force, force of tremendous impact, etc. There are a few to choose from: some are symmetrical and imply a strategic, planned strike. There is a group of three other bolts that are nonsymmetrical, which implies a sudden and unexpected strike. There is also a set of differently sized bolts so that the bolts look identical if you're using them to strike many different objects at different distances from the origin. There is also a set of two bolts that can be used to convey "lightning striking twice."

Refer to the tutorial for formatting and usage techniques.


Tutorial for Mechanic

Keywords: lightning bolt graphic, lightning bolt concept, sudden strike graphic, charge up graphic, flash of brilliance, charging force, force of tremendous power

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