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Concept 089

Crystal Ball

Crystal Ball example of possible use

The crystal ball can be used to convey two primary concepts. Crystal balls are prediction icons and can also signify a faulty prediction. Predictions are part of the management of every business, so there will be opportunities to use this concept often. You probably won't want to overuse it, however; or it just looks "cute."

There are two pedestal variations, each with a download. Each download contains four variations of the pedestal. It may take a little longer to download the crystal balls than other PowerFrameworks downloads because the file sizes are approximately a 500Kb. The crystal balls are usable with all template backgrounds, regardless of whether they are light or dark.

Animations can be rather fun. The object showing up in the crystal ball can fade in slowly and then change to other objects with a series of fade ins and fade outs. Download the animation example for an idea about how you might create an animation scheme.

More ideas: the crystal ball in the series example is a negative example. You may not want to leave that on the screen as you talk about the positive aspects of your company. Instead, fade the crystal ball out and replace it with a positive picture that represents the hard work your company does in order to develop predictive recommendations for a client. Remember to associate positive images with your company's products and services.

The tutorial provides helpful tips on formatting and using these frameworks. There are also links in the tutorial for tips on how to format photographs so that they appear as circles.


Tutorial for Meetings

Keywords: prediction, predictive, faulty, unreliable, future, faith-based predictions

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