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CN092 – Concept 092 – Traffic Signals, Go/No Go/Further Study


Important: These downloads are larger than usual and may take a few minutes to download (one is 1,049 KB and the other is 1,060 KB).

These traffic lights are a popular device to illustrate a go/no go/further study concept in decision making. These are like the traffic lights in (CN092) Concepts 100 series, but they have been colored and saved in png file format, which means that the elements of the traffic lights are not editable. Two variations used together, however, can be animated to appear as if the light has turned on. This technique can also be used to make the light appear to change. See the tutorial for information about how to do this. There is an animated example available for download that shows a possible animation scheme, which might be helpful.

Please review the tutorial for usage and formatting tips.

TUTORIAL: Tutorial for Concepts 092 and 100 – Traffic Signal – Go/No Go

Frameworks available in this series

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CN092 – cn092_multi-v1

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CN092 – cn092_multi-v2

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CN092 – cn092_single-v1

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CN092 – cn092_single-v2

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