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Concept 100

Go/No Go

Go/No Go example of possible use

A signal is a great device to show the go/further study/no go concept. These graphics are ready for immediate use and/or may be easily modified for other uses. There are two types of bulbs:

  • There is a set that is beveled and not modifiable in PowerPoint 2003. They are tintable in PowerPoint 2007.
  • There is another set that is just a field, which may receive any fill color you choose.

There are variations that have been fully formatted with color and line colors. There are also variations that are without formatting so you can apply your own. The "hanging" signals can be stacked into any number configuration. These may be used individually as icons next to text or they can be used as a group.

Refer to the tutorial for formatting and usage techniques.


Tutorial for Target and Horizon

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