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CN108 – Concept 108 – Game


There are instances when a presenter wants/needs to create interactions with the audience. Instances might be to quiz participants at a seminar or employees at a team-building event in a Jeopardy!®-style format. You'd think that this might be difficult to pull off without a production crew. But you'd be wrong. Conducting a quiz can be handled on one PowerPoint slide.

If you are familiar with PowerPoint animation triggers, you can probably guess how this might be accomplished. If you are not familiar with PowerPoint animation triggers, you should be. Triggers allow a presenter to click on a specific topic field onscreen and get a specific predetermined response. Like the Jeopardy!® game board, PowerPoint animation can be controlled so that a contestant can choose a question from the board, answer it, and the presenter can reveal the answer.

There is only one download for this series, but it contains all eight variations of the question/answer layouts. Review the tutorial for a complete description of how to easily create and effectively work this type of slide.

This series contains variations of the game that was discussed in the March 2008 feature article.

TUTORIAL: Tutorial for Concepts 108 – Game

Frameworks available in this series

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CN108 – cn108_all

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