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CN118 – Concept 118 – Roads


This series can be used to illustrate "journeys," sequences of events, milestones, "the road to xxx" (as in the series example), a road less traveled," etc. There are variations from which to choose: bumpy road can signify a difficult process; curves and windy roads can suggest changes in directions, straight roads can imply a straight and unwavering course of action.

The two variations can be used interchangeably or to illustrate another concept: V1 allows "passing" and V2 does not. This may be significant to your message as well.

Since roads are not typically movable objects, we suggest that you animate the other items on the slide and leave the road stationary. The roads need minimal formatting: apply simple color changes is all you'll need to do, if anything. The series example shows a "faded" version of the road so that text could be read more easily across the road and background of the slide.

Key search words: road, highway, route, journey, travel

TUTORIAL: Tutorial for Concepts 118, 143, 144, 145 – Roads

Frameworks available in this series

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CN118 – cn118_bumpy-v1

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CN118 – cn118_bumpy-v2

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CN118 – cn118_curve-v1

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CN118 – cn118_curve-v2

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CN118 – cn118_straight-v1

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CN118 – cn118_straight-v2

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CN118 – cn118_windy-v1

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CN118 – cn118_windy-v2

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