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Concept 119


Shatter/Crack example of possible use

These two frameworks, both with a frame that may be used or not, help convey a shattering, cracking, or fractures. Photographs may be sectioned just like with puzzles (please see FAQ entitled, "How do I cut a photograph into puzzle pieces?").

This series was developed as a bonus series to accompany the Shatter/Crack Power Chart. PowerFrameworks decided to provide the resources to create this great Power Chart.

Be sure to review the tutorial so that you understand the animation and layering schemes to make this chart development as easy as possible. Visit the Shatter/Crack Power Chart and view the flash video of series example cracking, falling off the slide, and being replaced by another object.

Key search words: fracture, shatter, crack, break, accident, impact, destroy


Tutorial for Books

Keywords: fracture, shatter, crack, break, accident, impact, destroy

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