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Concept 123


Cards example of possible use

The cards are designed so that you can add your messages easily. The surfaces for the cards are either flat or nearly flat, which means your content need not be rotated in order to look like it's part of the card – a very nice feature.

There is only one download with this series. There are several versions of the same graphic to enable you to use them in multiple ways: a completely editable version, uneditable versions (but they can be tinted in PowerPoint 2007); and a version that has a faded edge so your content can occupy the card and the area to the right of the card, much like the book and clipboard graphics available on PowerFrameworks.

Be sure to view the animation video and download the animation example for a possible animation scheme.

Review the tutorial for additional usage and formatting techniques.

Key search words: card, envelope, greeting, invitation, announcement


Tutorial for Clouds 1 and 2

Keywords: card, envelope, greeting, invitation, announcement

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