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CN127 – Concepts 127 – Clouds 2


This clouds series is for use in frameworks that need to show a cloud component. These are stylized clouds and are perfect to contain text and/or images that are associated with central object(s) without a specific connection point. There are lots of variations: many clouds that can be used with a circles, ovals, rectangles, and squares.

The series example shows a cloud around a central object, with each cloud "bump" representing a function. This makes the cloud look organized, but there are other clouds that are not so structured and can contain as many functions as you wish.

Take a look at the tutorial for more uses and formatting tips.

TUTORIAL: Tutorial for Concepts 129 – Clouds 1 and 2

Frameworks available in this series

Click on a thumbnail to see a larger image of that framework.

CN127 – cn127_0300

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CN127 – cn127_0400

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CN127 – cn127_0500

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CN127 – cn127_0600

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CN127 – cn127_0700

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CN127 – cn127_0800

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CN127 – cn127_oval1

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CN127 – cn127_oval2

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CN127 – cn127_rectangle1

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CN127 – cn127_rectangle2

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CN127 – cn127_square1

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CN127 – cn127_square2

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Links to instructions for getting the framework into your presentation

  1. Determine the best file type for your needs
  2. Download the file
  3. Import the framework into your presentation
    1. Importing a PPT file
    2. Importing a EMF or PNG

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