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Concept 130

Photo/Graphic Panel

Photo/Graphic Panel example of possible use

This panel is designed to make it easy to arrange multiple photographs/graphics as a control panel, bank of flat screens, or as a kiosk. The "windows" are clear, making it easy to position photographs/graphics under the panel, creating a uniform and evenly spaced layout. If you are using PowerPoint 2007 or 2010, you can group the panel and photographs/graphics and then rotate to create an arrangement like what is shown in the series example. The series example also has a very slight bevel applied to the panel, making it appear 3D. There are two other series that you may wish to view: CN033 and CN128. Both these series provide methods for presenting on-screen information.


Tutorial for Ransom Note Alphabet

Keywords: panel, kiosk; control panel; photo layouts

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