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CN144 – Concept 144 – Diverging/Converging Roads


These roads can be used to illustrate a journey, destination, choices, routing (as in the series example), etc.  The roads work like arrows except they imply a two-way flow without the use of arrowheads or descriptions.  Each road is separate and can be formatted separately and differently that the others.  There are roads with 2, 3, 4, 5, and 6 splits; and there are two variations of each split.  One variation has black roads, which is used as the thumbnail for each download; and the other variation is a semitransparent road, which is used in the series example. 

See the tutorial for more information about usage and formatting.

TUTORIAL: Tutorial for Concepts 118, 143, 144, 145 – Roads

Frameworks available in this series

Click on a thumbnail to see a larger image of that framework.

CN144 – cn144_0200

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CN144 – cn144_0300

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CN144 – cn144_0400

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CN144 – cn144_0500

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CN144 – cn144_0600

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Links to instructions for getting the framework into your presentation

  1. Determine the best file type for your needs
  2. Download the file
  3. Import the framework into your presentation
    1. Importing a PPT file
    2. Importing a EMF or PNG

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