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Subdivided Column Charts

Subdivided Column Charts example of possible use

Subdivided (stacked) column charts contain bars that are broken into segments to equal the total - the number at the top of and outside the column. These charts show comparisons between the segment categories as well as between the overall totals of each subdivided column.

The values within the segments show up automatically when the data is entered into the worksheet. The totals need to be calculated and added manually. The labels need to be added manually. Refer to the tutorial and FAQs for guidance on how to use and format these types of charts. Specifically, refer to this FAQ regarding adding more/deleting labels and totals. Also, look at each framework's description to understand the different uses for these charts.

Subdivided column charts when used on a timeframe x axis is rather like a line chart or area chart. Subdivided 100% column charts are are the same as using a series of pie charts: each column representing a pie.

The segments are all formatted to take the color of the primary fill color in your template. The lines create the segment divisions instead of color. The reason for this is so a horizontal series of segments can be highlighted. We also advocate for reserving color so that a legend can be added and another layer of information be developed on the chart.

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Tutorial for Combination Charts

Keywords: subdivided column, stacked column segmented column

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