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Data-Driven Chart 010

Cost Curves

Cost Curves example of possible use

A typical cost curve (dual-scale column) is a graph of production costs as a function of total quantity produced. There are, of course, variations on this theme. Be sure you look carefully at the way the data sheet is populated in the template so that you get the correct results when you populate it with your own data. It is not difficult to plot these charts, but it is not a mindless activity. The basic chart template for a cost curve is a scatter chart that has the points connected. So you're essentially drawing a continuous line.

When this page is placed into your template, it will take on the attributes of your template. Check the FAQs associated with working with data-driven charts, best practices, and the tutorial to familiarize yourself with ways to get the optimal results.

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Tutorial for Line Charts

Keywords: cost curve, dual-scale column

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