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Design Element 007

Beveled Ovals

Design Element 007 – Beveled Ovals example of possible use

When putting together pages with logos, you now have an elegant way to display them. The logos with white backgrounds always look so unfinished when the template background is not white. How you have a whole library of "tablets" that look great and hide the white background on logos, photographs, and graphics. The three series, de007, de008, and de009 are the same dimensions as the shadowed design elements de001 through de006, but they have a white fill.

These are for use in pre-PowerPoint 2007 presentations, as PowerPoint 2007 has this formatting capability.

These are a great option for dressing up a ragged looking set of logos or pictures/images with white backgrounds.

Key search words: background for logos and images, beveled edges, white field, white background

TUTORIAL: Tutorial for Design Elements 007, 008, and 009 – Bevels

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