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DE011 – Design Element 011 – Photo/Icon Frame


These elements are nice little design flourishes.They can be used as a design element on a slide or as a snazzy way to structure bulleted text. The design element used in the series example is backed by a photograph and has strong visual appeal.This example was produced entirely in PowerPoint – even making the rectangular photo an oval (be sure to refer to the tutorial for the how-to). In addition to the oval, there are also three other shapes in this series for you to use: horizontally oriented rectangle, a triangle, and a hexagon.The ovals and rectangles are perfect for use with photos, and the triangles and hexagons are more for icons and numbers.

There is no downloadable animated example for this series. Since it is a design element, which can also be used as a bullet alternative layout, simple reveals are all that are needed.

Each of these design elements have been developed two ways: one for a light background and one for a dark background. The thumbnail for each will help guide your selections. Be aware, however, that the PowerPoint downloads will have both the horizontal and vertical versions of the design element you select. We do this to help promote consistency in your presentations. We like consistency.

The background used in the example for this series is courtesy of ppted.com.
Visit http://www.ppted.com to view their library of backgrounds.

TUTORIAL: Tutorial for Design Elements 011 – Photo/Icon Frame

Frameworks available in this series

Click on a thumbnail to see a larger image of that framework.

DE011 – de011_v01b_horizontal

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DE011 – de011_v01b_vertical

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DE011 – de011_v01w_horizontal

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DE011 – de011_v01w_vertical

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DE011 – de011_v02b_horizontal

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DE011 – de011_v02b_vertical

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DE011 – de011_v02w_horizontal

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DE011 – de011_v02w_vertical

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DE011 – de011_v03b_horizontal

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DE011 – de011_v03b_vertical

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DE011 – de011_v03w_horizontal

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DE011 – de011_v03w_vertical

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DE011 – de011_v04b_horizontal

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DE011 – de011_v04b_vertical

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DE011 – de011_v04w_horizontal

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DE011 – de011_v04w_vertical

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