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Design Element 012

Balls with Reflections

Balls with Reflections example of possible use

These balls are fully customizable. They are a great way to add a little interest to a text-heavy slide, help establish structure (both in the numbering/lettering and via colors). They're unique and don't look like a "canned" PowerPoint shape.

  1. Changing ball color is as simple as changing the circle color. The reflections don't need to be changed
  2. They can be sized to any size, so they can be small icons or large text containers – overlay middle- and center- aligned text
  3. The numbers and letters are WordArt, and can be sized along with the ball – no need to worry about changing text size, regardless of which PowerPoint application you are using
  4. Shadows, especially when they drop well below the balls help further create the 3D illusion (see the tutorial for this)

The tutorial provides useful tips on usage and formatting.


Tutorial for Rays

Keywords: balls, icons, numbering, lettering, order, sequence, structure

Categories: Design Elements

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