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Design Element 016

Sliver Moons

Sliver Moons example of possible use

These frameworks can be used as a design element or as a functional portion of a slide. The series example shows how several frameworks from this series might be combined to create a stylish layout. The slivers alone might be used as borders or boundaries for objects − like a firewall. Refer to the tutorial for ideas about usage and formatting.

The orientation variations in this series are important if you're going to import photographs (PowerPoint 2007 users): be sure to start out with a variation in the orientation you desire before you import a photograph (don't select just any variation and rotate it), otherwise the photograph will import incorrectly.

These layouts can be used for developing photo collages. Additionally, there can be a combination of text in some segments and photos in others. Layouts like these help to make a slide that has a brief message more interesting and provides visual support to the message.

This series contains 3-segment to 10-segment layout configurations, which should provide enough variation to create collages with different numbers of segments and still maintain a consistent look. If you are using PowerPoint 2007, you can also tint the photographs to give them the same "value." Many times the perfect photograph cannot be used because the colors don't sync with the rest of the collage or the template colors. The ability to tint photographs in PowerPoint 2007 eliminates this problem. You can still "tint" in pre-PowerPoint 2007 versions, but it takes a couple of steps. Refer to the tutorial for ways to do this.


Tutorial for Rounded Edge Layouts

Keywords: boundary, boundaries, arc, sliver, moon, design element

Categories: Segments, Design Elements

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