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Design Element 019

Chart Designs

Chart Designs example of possible use

These chart design elements are very useful to liven up slides that discuss charting concepts or data-based analysis, trends/findings, or research but do not actually include any data-driven charts. They can be formatted to reflect the colors within any presentation color/style presets or preferences. They are stylish and a good alternative to a photograph.

The color for the gridlines can be changed by applying a fill color. They can be made thicker by adding a line color. Check the tutorial for specific instructions on how to best format these design elements.

There are also a set of PNG grids. These grids are faded out in sections of the grid. There are two sets: one for light backgrounds and one for dark backgrounds. They are more "designy" than the other grids in the series. Draw your own data-driven chart pieces and place them over the PNG grids or use some from the other frameworks in the series. Refer to the tutorial for more ideas about how to use the PNGs.


Tutorial for Vertically Sliced Circles

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