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Design Element 026

Vertically Sliced Circles

Vertically Sliced Circles example of possible use

These frameworks are design elements, because it is difficult to get text in the tall and narrow fields. This series is more suited for use with pictures, semitransparent colors, patterns, and maybe just a small amount of vertically oriented text. The series example is a good illustration of how to use these frameworks. The photos have been sized and imported into the slices and then tinted. Everything can be accomplished in PowerPoint 2003 except the tinting, unless you format the photos to grayscale and then overlay colored semitransparent fields. See the tutorial for specific help in these areas.

Adding WordArt around a circle like this is a good choice. Refer to the new FAQ entitled, How do I create a perfectly round WordArt elements? The circular WordArt can be animated to spin slowly around the circle of photo segments.

The animated example shows how one segment fades away and another segment fades in to take its place. Download the animated example to understand the formatting.


Tutorial for Stars & Bursts

Keywords: logo idea, circle slices, vertical circle segments, circular WordArt

Categories: Design Elements

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