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Design Element 029

Photo Designs

Photo Designs example of possible use

How do you make a big-deal message impactful when there's only a small amount of text? Dress it up with graphics or photos; or, in this case, both. These are not mere design graphics to be used in your presentations (although you can certainly use them like that), they are designed to be used with photographs and photograph collages that you can create yourself. This is a very advanced look for presentations, but it doesn't take an advanced PowerPointer to create them. The tutorial explains the process in clear and concise steps (and there aren't that many).

There are several designs in this series, and the designs can also be used to help promote a concept. For example, the cluster frameworks can imply groupings, the wave frameworks can be used to show continuous flows or phases, the curtains (as in the series example) can imply a premier of something new. This is a nice feature, so think about this when deciding which design to use. Also, each design has its own set of variations. The variations are important, so make sure you choose the correct one – don't flip the framework or rotate it so that it works better with the photograph/photographs you've chosen. Download the variation in the layout you wish to use and don't rotate or flip it. Otherwise, the photograph you import into the layout will flip/rotate to the original position of the framework – this is an idiosyncrasy of PowerPoint 2007 and 2010.

In addition to being useful within presentations, the graphics can also be used as elements of a PowerPoint template design. These designs have a very broad application.

It only takes a few steps to import a photograph into the framework using PowerPoint 2007 and 2010, but you need to make positioning and cropping choices before doing so. PowerFrameworks will help you do this. This series can also be used in PowerPoint 2003, but the preparation of the graphic is different. This is explained in the tutorial.


Tutorial for Patterns

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