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Force 012

Interactivity With One Object

Interactivity With One Object example of possible use

When you need to show interactivity with a central object or single point, frameworks in this series should be considered. But there's also another way to utilize the frameworks, as shown in the series example. Some of the 2-way arrows can be eliminated and an outflow arrow can be added, creating a many-to-one flow. These layouts are symmetrical and balanced. All in all, a nice, multifunctional series.

There are three variations from which to choose.

  • v01: larger arrows emphasize the interaction
  • v02: smaller arrows emphasize the objects that are interacting
  • v03: arrow spacing allows for a larger central object.
The circle can be resized or eliminated, depending on your needs.

Key search words: interactivity, many to one, central filter, consolidation


Tutorial for Vertical Semitransparent Funnels with Cuts/Screens

Keywords: interactivity, many to one, central filter, consolidation

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