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Force 019


Vice example of possible use

This vice has been drawn so that the vice arm on the left can be moved or animated, so different sized objects can be placed in the vice.Vices can illustrate pressure, force, tightening, squeezing, or the reverse of these if the vice is loosened. Other concepts are something caught between two opposing forces, a point of collapse, and something that is stuck and unable to move.

The animated example shows how you might tighten the vice and squeeze an object. The objects within the vice have been drawn so that they reduce down with animation. They can be populated with a photograph, as in the series example. Simply refer to the FAQ entitled How do I create photographs in different shapes from rectangular photographs? See the tutorial for more information about animations and other formatting you may wish to use.

Also see Force 021 for an additional vice framework.


Tutorial for Vortex

Categories: Forces, Concepts

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